How to Fix Redmi Note 3 Struck on Child Mode Error

Redmi Note 3 is the latest value for money smartphone from Xiaomi. The device packs with some high-end specifications at a reasonable price tag.

Like we see various bugs and issues on various high-end devices, the Redmi Note 3 has also spotted one. There is a serious problem with the Child Mode in the Redmi Note 3 which soon has to be fixed by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 child mode

Let me first explain the issue more clearly. Whenever a user enters into Child Mode on Redmi Note 3, he will be struck right there and if you have blocked the settings app as well, then you can’t exist the Child Mode. There will be no way to access to the rest of the phone. Child Mode blocks all the applications on your device apart from those which are allowed to run while setting up the Mode. Also Xiaomi Mi4c vs Mi4 vs Redmi Note 3

Many of the users might be thinking to get away from this situation by entering into recovery mode and then power off the smartphone. But FYI, you can’t access the recovery using the hardware keys Vol Up + Power.

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Then finally we have a solution to disable Child Mode from settings app. Here’s is how you can get rid of the problem by following the below steps-

How to Fix Redmi Note 3 Struck on Child Mode Error

The below process works only if you haven’t changed the default browser on your Redmi Note 3 mobile.

If you struck on Child Mode, then only way to get out of the problem is by entering into settings. Firstly turn-on the Airplane Mode by long pressing the power button > Airplane mode. Once enabled, tap on default browser and search for anything. As the Airplane mode is enabled, you will see a message stating that it can’t connect to network. Under that you will see an option called “Mobile network”. Tap on it. Now these will take you to the Settings where you can easily disable the Child Mode. Also MIUI 8: How to exit Child Mode to the device’s Settings when you’ve forgotten the Privacy Protection password?

Hope Xiaomi will soon release an update to fix MIUI 7 Child Mode bug. If you have any other queries, do drop a comment below.

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  • Eduardo Quesquén Flores

    I found another solution:

    You have to download MIPcSuite for Windows and install it, then connect your Redmi Note 3 to your PC and when the software detect your phone, click on “Apps” button and install the Apus Launcher apk you downloaded before from any website.

    Once you installed it, access to your phone with the browser and search for “Apus launcher”. When the native app store appears, just click on “Launch” and access to the setting to change the normal mode. Thats it!

    I hope this can help someone.

    • Laila ID

      Thank you very much, Sir! This is the only way i can get my phone back to normal.

      For those of you who has been desperate with the yellow pages, network setting, etc. Go try the steps above.

    • TribalKid

      THANK YOU!!! You are a god send! I was just getting freaked out and over not being able to fix this on my phone. I’m currently volunteering overseas and so don’t have the means to send this off to any dealer. I was just on the verge of feeling extremely defeated by my phone….until i stumbleed across this precious instructions 🙂

    • prem

      When i click on apps its shows the MIUI version is too old

  • Monirul Mannan

    Dear recently I buy note 3
    And turn on child mode only YouTube and fruitninja games. Now suggestions me how to cancel child mode.

  • Leonardus Budi Suryanto

    The best and simple solution (i found this after 1/2 hour :p )

    On lock condition, just pull up and we will find settings icon thwre. Go therw and turn off the child mode

    As simple as that. No need to turn on the airplane mode.

  • Butch Resurreccion

    I have another solution(it worked for me)
    If you have a mi account and you have your default music app you might fix your redmi note 3. here are the steps.

    First: you need go to the default music app
    Second: go to account settings
    Third: go to mi account
    Fourth: go to mi cloud
    Fifth: tap network
    Done! You can now disable child mode and try to avoid using it this time (until xiaomi fixes it)

  • Najih Sulthan

    Hai everyone . I found a better and easy solution
    It might work for all
    Just go to camera on lock screen > then press on a recent photo or if you don’t have one take a new photo , now click on the send icon > gmail > now open the setting ( click the icon next to draft icon > settings ) again click on the same icon > manage accounts > press continue> go to child mode you can off it ..

    I think this is a permanent solution , because u don’t need any app or net connection..

    Hope this will help someone!!

    • Yoga Sai Satwik

      I cannot access any app except youtube. how can i get freed from this .

  • Yoga Sai Satwik

    I couldn’t see my browser also in it. I could only access youtube. please give me a solution for this.

  • Devender Maurya

    I have solution for those user who remember the password they put in first for setting the child lock password.
    For example if your password is 114456.
    But due to some technical problem system only take starting 4 digit that is 1144.
    so you only put starting 4 digit of your original password .
    Then your password is confirm and .i guess it set .
    Then you get the option of app lock as well as disable child lock.
    My suggestion is you just disable child lock immediately rather then further
    setting child lock because may be it creates further problem.
    I hope some user will get some help from it.

  • Mohammed

    Hi ., Guys ..,

    I really thank all the guys those who have shared their experience in coming out of this headache trap so called as “CHILD MODE” since after reading one by one steps even I was able to to overcome out of this nightmare ..,

    I would like to thanks especially Najih Sulthan for sharing his experience and steps in resolving the above error .., I would suggest to follow the steps suggested by Najih which are quite simple and easy ..,

    But I wish Xiaomi Redmi should come with a fix for the Childmode setup .., hope they come with a solution asap ..,

    Thank you guys once agian