Xiaomi MIUI 8 update – List of new features, eligible devices

Xiaomi on Tuesday officially released the new version of the custom interface for its range of smartphones, the MIUI 8. The latest version is combination of colors which changes according to the weather. At the same launch event, Xiaomi also launched Xiaomi Mi Max 6.44-inch Android phablet, which is the first company device to be shipped with MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

MIUI 8 11

The company also brings redesign fonts and various new wallpapers in MIUI 8. As already said, you will notice a big difference in the color interface. The following are some places where this new set of colors implemented. Also download beautiful MIUI8 Stock Wallpapers

  • App Store
  • Calender app
  • Notification bar
  • Voice recording


MIUI 8 Features

Cloud storage: Now only high quality thumbnails of the pictures occupies the space in the album, while the actual picture will be uploaded to the cloud thereby saving the album space.

Notes App: This time the MIUI notes app have given a grid view, and also includes an additional feature called “Memo template” which provides a better taste to the standard notes. Also, there is an option to share the entire memos to the microblogging sites without any changes to the design.

Suspension Ball / Suspend button: Let’s users control the device with some quick functions. This is already seen on other UIs and finally Xiaomi introduces in its latest ROM update. It lets users perform various tasks single handed and as it is transparent users can easily have a look at the background.


Calculator app: Now you’ll get live currency conversion directly from the calculator app. Also Celcius to Fahrenheit degree conversion is also included within the app.

Power management: Freezes background app activity, suspends syncs, updates and background tasks

Long screen capture: The standard screenshot captures only the screen which is visible while the long screen capture features allows the users to save the entire page.


Limits chain start-ups: Prevents unessential apps from starting up, reduces lags and power consumption

Wallpaper Carousel: Sends beautiful images to your lock screen daily. option to select from over 12 image categories

Photo and video editing: The MIUI 8 brings upgraded photo editing tool and there is also video editing feature with with filters, cropping, the addition of music, and changing the effects.

Anti-fraud SMS security: By analysing the SMS data, the MIUI 8 alert the users whether the SMS is fraud or spam. It also warns before you click any link in the SMS.

MIUI 8 Developer ROM: It will be available for range of Mi & Redmi series smartphones namely Mi 2, 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4C and Mi 5 starting from June 17th in China soon after beta testing from June 1st. We can also expect more devices (Redmi Note 3, Mi 4S, Redmi Note 2/4G, Redmi 3 Pro, Mi Pad 2) being included in the list of eligible devices for MIUI 8 Developer ROM. Registration for beta testing rols out from May 16th.

MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM: Xiaomi has not enclosed any details regarding MIUI 8 Global Stable update for its smartphones and tablets.

List of Xiaomi phones to get MIUI 8 update

The following are the list of Xiaomi smartphone to get China Stable ROM and Global Stable ROM update –

  • Xiaomi Mi 5
  • Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 4
  • Xiaomi Mi 3
  • Xiaomi Mi 2s
  • Xiaomi Mi 2
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime
  • Xiaomi Mi 4c
  • Xiaomi Mi 4s
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2
  • Xiaomi Mi Note
  • Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

The company will skip the update for Redmi 1, 1s and 2A devices.

  • Nikhil kumar

    What about mi4i ?

    • Xiaomi has officially confirmed that all its Redmi phones will get MIUI 8 updates. No official news about Mi4i. But according to reports, Xiaomi Mi4i will also receive MIUI 8 update.

  • is it Android 7.0?

  • Star

    I have Xiaomi note 3. But there is no notification for update.

  • Johan Pieterse

    I have a Remi Note 2. Got my update this morning in Namibia.

  • Angle

    I have Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime. But there is no notifications for MIUI 8 updates.

  • Carlos

    Will the new Xiaomi redmi pro ( current os miui 7.3 ) receive miui 8?

  • Deepak Kumar Jha

    I’m use redmi note 3(32Gb). But there is no notification for any update.

  • kumar gagare

    Miui 8 is the best!!! I like it very much…everthing is new..specially albums..now i can sort my photos without syncing with mi…thats cool man…other features like camera..tunnel mode..calculator…new calling display…all are cool…like u mi- a mi note 3 user

  • Michiel Veldhuis

    You probably won’t be eligible for an update if your device has a modified version from a Chinese (AliExpress) shop that has prepared the phone for use in Europe, right? I haven’t seen any update in any case. Unless it was one of the Chinese ad things that I still receive every now and then…

  • Yes, once it is released you can apply the update.

  • Yes you can update it to MIUI 8

  • krishan kumar

    i have redmi 3s prime. i have also required for update ?