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Top 6 Cool Features of the Xiaomi HyperOS

After over a decade, Xiaomi is rejuvenating its user interface by replacing MIUI with the newly developed HyperOS. HyperOS is an Operating system developed by Xiaomi using the Linux framework and its own IoT software, the Xiaomi Vela system. It’s been a month since ...Read More

Top 5 Reasons to prefer HyperOS over MIUI

The popularity of Smartphones is increasing every single day. Different mobile brands are producing different types of smartphones every single day. Most Smartphone manufacturers prefer to use their interface on their smartphones. Xiaomi, a leading giant in the tech industry, recently introduced its operating ...Read More

How to Use Magisk Hide on your Android Device

Magisk is an App that allows users to get superuser privileges or administrative privileges on their Android smartphone without modifying the firmware of the Android phone. In more straightforward terms, magisk is a tool that lets users root their devices. In this article, we ...Read More

Exploring the Fresh HyperOS Interface!

HyperOS, Xiaomi’s innovative Android operating system, has caught the interest of the MIUI user community. Enthusiasts eagerly await the release to see the intriguing features and design enhancements that HyperOS brings. The HyperOS update has been launched in China, and it’s now available on ...Read More