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[How to] Fix unfortunately Google Allo has stopped error on Android

Google Allo is the latest messaging app from Google released just last week. It is currently available for only iOS, Android, and Windows platform. It can also be installed on PC, but the users can’t share or upload phots in fact they can only view it. The new app from Google already surpassed the 5 million downloads milestone on Play Store in just a week. Also it is the top free Android app in the US this past allo app

Many users who have installed Google Allo on their Android smartphone have been reportedly facing “unfortunately Google Allo has stopped” error. For all those users, here we have a simple guide which lets you fix unfortunately Google Allo has stopped error on your smartphone.

Guide to fix unfortunately Google Allo has stopped error

Method 1: Restart your phone

Reboot is the best solution to fix several kinds of errors on your Android device. It will also help you to fix the issue “Unfortunately Google Allo has stopped error”. Just restart your mobile and launch the p from the App Drawer. You will notice that the app will run smoothly without any issues and errors.

Method 2: Clear data and Cache

Though after following above method if the problem still persists, then “clear data” and “clear cache” from phone Settings. You can also follow the below steps for easy reference purposes.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Select the Application Manager option
  3. Select App applications and locate Google Allo app from the list.
  4. Select the app and then tap on clear cache and clear data.
  5. Go back and enjoy the app.

Method 3: Reinstall Google Allo app

If the above two methods didn’t work for you, then this is the final solution which will surely help you to fix the issue. Just go to Application Manager and uninstall the app. Once installed, restart the phone and again download the app from Google Play Store.

That’s the simple methods to fix Unfortunately Google Allo has stopped error on any Android smartphone. Do let us know which among the above 3 methods worked fine for you.

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