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GearBest Deals: Buy Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker, Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug at lowest prices

Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker1

Xiaomi is not only limited to smartphones, but it also launches various other accessories from time to time. Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker and Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug are the latest addition from the company. The Mi smart network speaker is the one for music lovers while the Xiaomi WiFi homeplug is for those who wanted to increase the Wi-Fi coverage in their home. Currently, both the products are available at lowest price on GearBest as a limited time flash sale deal. Read on the following for more details about Mi Smart Network Speaker and Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker – $69.99

Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker3

Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker is an amazing speaker which comes with many features and decent look. It is very compact in size and carried anywhere you travel as it fits in your bag. It includes several inbuilt connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi, QPlay and Aux which lets you connect your device easily to your speaker.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker

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There is also 8GB of storage options which can be used to fill with your favorite music. It uses a Lithium-ion battery and weighs simply a mere one.63kg. It produces 30W of power and also the driver unit is a pair of .5 inches. For more details about this Xiaomi speaker, refer the following link.

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Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug

Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug is an excellent solution that can be used to extend your home WiFi network. Not only this, users can also connect additional devices wirelessly to the internet without worrying about router limit. It has built-in high powered amplifiers and external antennas providing you the best downloading and steaming experience.

Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug1

The Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug is a good choice for a smaller home or apartment that has a dead zone in a particular area. It’s very easy to set up and not headache-inducing to return back to factory settings. The Xiaomi WiFi HomePlug 300Mbps WiFi range extender can be purchased from GearBest for $45.99

Buy it from GearBest

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