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GearBest Mother’s Day 2016 – Deals, Offers, discounts

GearBest is celebrating Mother’s Day 2016 with great deals on several commodities including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and their accessories. This promotional deal from GearBest already started and runs still May 8. Another interesting about the promotional event is that you can earn GB points which in turn can be converted to discounts coupons (50 points = 1$). So, without much wasting time let’s have a detailed information about this event.

GearBest Mother’s Day 2016 2

GearBest always comes with promotional events on big occasion and this time it has come with Mother’s Day 2016 deals. It includes lots of products to gift your mom on these Mother’s day including the high-end smartphones at an affordable price tag or the latest smartwatches which helps in solving various day to day tasks.

GearBest Mother’s Day 2016 3

Considering a deal, the popular NO 1 S5 smart watch is available for just $39.79 for this promotional event while the actual price is $58.72. So isn’t a big deal to grab!

GearBest Mother’s Day 2016 4

The following are some more deals on tablets & smartwatches –

GearBest Mother’s Day 2016 1

If you wanted to place an order or required more information about the event, just visit the below link. You can also check our DEALS section for all latest deals and offers.

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