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Download Stable MIUI 14 EU ROM for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO Devices

MIUI 14 is the latest update for Xiaomi devices. It is available for India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Europe, Turkey, and other global regions. Everyone is waiting for the MIUI 14 update to be rolled out for their region. If you can’t wait for the MIUI 14 update, download the MIUI 14 EU ROM from from the links below.

Xiaomi 12 MIUI 14 Update

Xiaomi Europe, or Xiaomi EU, is a custom MIUI project introduced in 2010. They provide MIUI custom ROMs based on the China ROM. Many users prefer the Xiaomi EU ROMs because they offer more features compared to the Global version, as they are based on the MIUI China ROM.

Xiaomi EU ROMs are available in multiple languages. So when any new feature makes its way to China ROM, they replicate it in the Xiaomi EU ROM and make it available in different languages.

You can download the MIUI 14 EU ROM for a specific device from the links provided below:

ModelCodenameMIUI VersionRecovery ROMFastboot ROM
Xiaomi 13fuxiV14.0.17.0.TMCCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 13 ProNuwaV14.0.12.0.TMBCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12cupidV14.0.4.0.TLCCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12 ProZeusV14.0.8.0.TLBCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity EditionDaumierV14.0.4.0.TLGCNXMDownload (
Xiaomi 12 LitetaoyaoV14.0.3.0.TLIMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 12TplatoV14.0.1.0.TLQMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 12T Pro (Redmi K50 Ultra)fingeringV14.0.5.0.TLFCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12XpsycheV14.0.8.0.TLDCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12SmayflyV14.0.7.0.TLTCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12S ProunicornV14.0.7.0.TLECNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12S UltrathorV14.0.10.0.TLACNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 11VenusV14.0.8.0.TKBCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Pro/UltrastarV14.0.6.0.TKACNXMDownload
Xiaomi 11i (Mi 11X/Redmi K40 Pro)haydnV14.0.3.0.TKKCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GrenoirV14.0.6.0.TKICNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GlisaV14.0.6.0.TKOCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 11T ProViliV14.0.1.0.TKDMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 10SThymeV14.0.2.0.TGACNXMDownload
Xiaomi MIX 4OdinV14.0.3.0.TKMCNXMDownload
Xiaomi CivibowV14.0.1.0.TKVCNXMDownload
Redmi K60mondrianV14.0.18.0.TMNCNXMDownload
Redmi K60 ProsocratesV14.0.18.0.TMKCNXMDownload
Redmi K50rubensV14.0.4.0.TLNCNXMDownload (
Redmi K50 PromatisseV14.0.9.0.TLKCNXMDownload (
Redmi Note 12 5GsunstoneV14.0.1.0.TMQCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10mojitoV14.0.1.0.SKGMIXMDownload
POCO F4 (Redmi K40S)munchV14.0.3.0.TLMCNXMDownload
POCO F4 GT (Redmi K50 Gaming)loginV14.0.7.0.TLJCNXMDownloadDownload (
POCO F3 (Redmi K40)aliothV14.0.5.0.TKHCNXMDownload
POCO F2 Pro (Redmi K30 Pro)lmiV14.0.1.0.SJKCNXMDownload
POCO X5 Pro (Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed)redwoodV14.0.5.0.SMSCNXMDownload
POCO X4 GT (Redmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+/K50i)xagaV14.0.2.0.TLOCNXMDownload (
POCO X3 ProvayuV14.0.1.0.TJUMIXMDownload

How to install MIUI 14 ROM?

Since the MIUI 14 Xiaomi EU ROM is a custom ROM, it requires an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery like TWRP installed on your phone. Installing these types of ROMs may wipe your data and settings. So, make sure to take a backup of your data to a safe place.

Follow the complete step by step guide on installing ROM on Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices here.

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