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How to reset the hidden folder Password/Pattern lock in Redmi & Mi phones?

Xiaomi introduced the new feature “Hidden folders” in its latest MIUI 7.1 update. With this feature, Mi and Redmi phone users have the option to hide important data in their mobile without getting hands to the other people. The data could be anything from a video to a file document. You can follow our guide on how to create hidden folders in MIUI 7 phones.

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To give an extra security to the Hidden Folders, Xiaomi introduced Password system which will be mandatory to setup when accessing hidden folders for the first time. That means every user need to create a Pattern lock.

If your Mi smartphone already have a screen lock then there is no need to setup a new pattern lock for hidden folders. The same lock screen password will be used for accessing the hidden files.

How to reset the hidden folder Password/Pattern lock in Mi & Redmi phones

If your Mi device gets locked due to unnecessary 5 wrong attempts, then you can reset the password by following the guide HERE which also resets the password of the hidden folder.

But if you haven’t enabled screen lock, then you’re in big trouble as there is no such option to reset the password of hidden folders from File Explorer in the latest MIUI ROM.

If any of you know the way to reset the password of MIUI hidden folders, then do comment below.

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