MIUI 15 Release Date Clarified!

Xiaomi is a well-known smartphone brand that has gained praise for its easy-to-use software, specifically the MIUI skin that runs on top of Android. With every update, Xiaomi aims to improve the user experience by introducing new features, optimizations, and a visually attractive interface. ...Read More

MIUI 14 Global Weekly Bug Tracker

Xiaomi’s smartphone custom interface, MIUI, has an excellent feedback system. It allows users to share their thoughts and suggestions about the software with Xiaomi’s development team. Users can report bugs, app issues, and other problems using the MIUI’s feedback system. This significant feature enables ...Read More

How to Use ADB without PC – LADB

How to use ADB without PC using LADB Developers generally use ADB to test apps, and it is also quite useful for the average consumer because it allows the user to remove the bloatware from their Android device without needing to root it. Likewise, ...Read More

MIUI Security App – Features, Details and Download

What is Xiaomi/MIUI Security App? MIUI Security app is a pre-installed security application available on Xiaomi smartphones running the MIUI operating system. The Xiaomi/MIUI Security app is vital for keeping your Xiaomi smartphones safe. It has many valuable features to help with cybersecurity. It ...Read More