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How to Record Slow Motion Video on Xiaomi MIUI devices

Slow motion videos are not just exclusive for high-end smartphones, but now you can enjoy on any Android device including Xiaomi. If you own any Xiaomi MIUI smartphone and wanted to give special slow motion touch to your videos, then here we have a Slow Motion Video camera app which does the same thing on your device.

We have seen all the new generation of iPhones comes with this slow motion video features as it lets you to enjoy the video at its best with a completely different experience. One can easily learn anything from the videos (Eg. Yoga, Cooking, dance) as they can be played extremely at slow speed.

Download Slow Motion Video APK

First you need to download slow motion video cameras APK from the above link and install on your device. Open the app and start recording videos. Once done, you can directly play the video in slow motion from the camera itself. Enjoy!


Best Slow Motion Video apps

Apart from the above application, there are several other apps that you can try on your Mi & Redmi devices. Have a look at the following list –

1. Slow Motion Video FX

2. SloPro

3. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

4. KMPlayer

5. VideoShop

6. Video Dieter 2

7. Hudl Technique

So which app will you prefer for your Xiaomi device? Comment below!

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