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How do I Report Bugs on Xiaomi and MIUI Devices?

MIUI Report Bugs

The software does not come without bugs. It’s the same for the MIUI. However, the users find it somewhat unacceptable. There are two methods to get rid of these bugs. The first method is to switch the ROM of your device to a stable “Android Open Source Project  (AOSP) ROM“. However, many users don’t know how to change the ROM. It is where the second method comes in handy.

The second method is the simplest and the best way to eliminate bugs. It is to report bugs to Xiaomi’s Development Team. When we send the complaint along with the required logs to the developers, they will get to work on these issues and bugs. Once the bugs are fixed, they will make it available as a public update. In this way, we can get rid of bugs. In this article, you will learn how to report bugs on MIUI.

How to Report a Bug on MIUI Global Version

Encountering a bug on your Xiaomi device is not unheard of; if users encounter specific irritating and problematic bugs on their Xiaomi devices daily, they need to report it. These problems may include device performance, display, or usage issues. When a bug is encountered, it is essential to locate and report it to help Xiaomi resolve the issues at hand as quickly as possible and improve the quality experience in their products.

Xiaomi offers a pre-built app in their MIUI interface called “Services & feedback” to report a bug on the Xiaomi device.

  • First of all, open the app on your device from the app drawer and tap on “feedback” from the list of options.
  • On this screen, describe the bug you have found while using the MIUI, attach screenshots, logs, and other types of documentation and report it to Xiaomi’s Development Team.

Another way to provide feedback to Xiaomi is from phone Settings. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > All specs.
  • Tap six times on CPU information.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to generate a feedback report and submit it to Xiaomi.

How to Report a Bug on MIUI China Version

  1. Open the Services & Feedback app on your phone.MIUI Services and Feedback App
  2. Search the FAQs for your issue, and if you’ve found the solution, then you don’t have to look elsewhere.Services and Feedback FAQs
  3. If the issue is not listed in FAQ, tap on Get logs in the Services & Feedback app.MIUI Services and Feedback Get Logs
  4. Select the Log Type and agree to the terms.MIUI Services and Feedback Start lag Type
  5. Tap on Go to Home screen and try recreating the bug or issue and then open Services & Feedback app and tap on Finish and upload.
  6. You’ll be asked to Submit a Feedback form on the next screen.MIUI Services and Feedback Select Issues or Suggestion
  7. Select the type of Feedback (Issues or Suggestions) and describe the issue in detail, along with how to regenerate it. If possible, attach Images or video.
  8. Now, tap on Select item and select the issue category or type.
  9. Tap on Time and select the time when you’ve encountered the bug or issue.
  10. Enter your Email or Phone Number where you want to receive a feedback report.MIUI Services and FeedBack Add Phone Number Or E-mail
  11. Check or enable the Add logs option.MIUI Services and FeedBack Add Logs
  12. Finally, click on Send to submit the bug to Xiaomi’s Developer Team.
  13. Then click on the Upload option to upload the related logs, and tap on the agree button.

It will automatically create a thorough bug report as an archive file under the “Internal shared storage/MIUI/debug_log” folder and automatically send it to Xiaomi servers.

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