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Xiaomi Pulled Out the V6.5.4.0 LXMICD update for Mi4i, release v6.5.5.0 to fix the heating issue

Few days back, Xiaomi rolled out v6.5.4.0 LXMICD for all Mi4i smartphones users to solve the excessive heating of the device. The users who installed this firmware update on their respective device encounter with few more problems. The users experienced unstable data connection, battery life decreased to half of the actual stand-by time which the smartphone used to be deliver earlier, the camera became unresponsive and the apps were closed forcibly. There were also problems related to the audio speakers and earphones of the device.

Xiaomi Mi4i

With all the above problems after updating the device, Xiaomi quickly stopped the OTA firmware update. The company replaces the update to V6.5.5.0 LXIMICD which is currently seeding to Mi4i smartphone. Like the older version of update, this also reduces the over-heating problem with the smartphone.

The size of the update is about 71MB and reaches to all Mi4i users by the end of this week. According to Hugo Barra, “The new thermal controls adjust frequency, voltage and the number of cores in use depending on the chipset temperature. In all of our internal testing and pre-OTA release in the MIUI Forum and beta testers, we’ve observed that these changes reduce the device overall temperature without impacting performance”.

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